Amount of Time Task/Person Details Location
8:30-9:00am 30 minutes Check-In New students will register, check-in with their mentors, and receive their folders/information. Throughout the day mentors are going to share their experiences with the newcomers. Main Building Lobby Area, Entrance of the Main Building
9:00-9:10am 10 minutes Introduction Mentors will escort their mentees to the Large Auditorium. Large Auditorium (LA)
9:10-9:15am 5 minutes Talin/Anna: Welcome
9:15-9:30am 15 minutes Dr. Der Kiureghian, Dr. Rhodes LA
9:30-10:00am 30 minutes Talin/Anna: Transition Team Activity LA
10:00-10:45am GROUP A (PM GROUPS 1-17) PRESENTATION 1 LA
10:00-10:03am 3 minutes USC representative Talin/Anna
10:04-10:09am 5 minutes Tigran Danielyan, Narek Babajanyan: president & vice-president of the club Undergraduate Student Club (USO): Guardians Club
10:10-10:20am 10 minutes Dr. Rhodes: Center for Student Success; Disability Support Services
10:21-10:27am 6 minutes Yelena: Counseling Services
10:28-10:38am 10 minutes Viktoriya/Sona: Math & Writing Center
10:39-10:45am 6 minutes Anush: IRO Office  Freshmen Entrance  Survey
10:00-10:45am GROUP B (PM GROUPS 18-34) PRESENTATION 2 Manoogian Hall
10:00-10:15am 15 minutes Ani: RegistrarMarina: Financial Aid
10:15-10:25am 10 minutes Peer Mentoring Program Talin/Anna
10:25-10:45am 20 minutes Team Activity Talin/Anna